This superb express facial incorporates Thalgo’s active marine ingredients which make it suitable for all skin types.


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Bio Soothing Marine Treatment for Sensitive Skin120 mins

These ingredients are derived from the discovery of microorganism living at the depth of over 3,000 m. It significantly raises the skins tolerance threshold, making it less sensitive to harsh external elements. The skin is oxygenated, refreshed and brightened.

Hydra - Moisture Source Treatment for Dry, Dehydrated Skin120 mins

This complex repairs skin barrier in order to restore and maintain optimum moisture levels in your skin. Intensive hydration, freshness and radiance guaranteed.

Thalgodermyl Facial Treatment for Combination or Oily Skin with Blemishes120 mins

A powerful purifying properties of Thalgodermyl Extracts, infused in an alginate mask. This treatment is deeply rebalancing, soothes blemishes and cleanses the skin.

THALGOMEN Hydra Treatment, Special for Men120 mins

From Algue Bleue Vitale extract, strength and balance is restored to the skin, enabling it to more effectively fight daily aggressions like pollution, shaving and stress. Fights the first sign of ageing and the signs of fatigue are erased.


Thalgo Beauty Flash120 mins

Anti Ageing express for face and eye treatment. Suitable as a first treatment before stepping up to advanced anti ageing facial.

Collagen Smooth Facial Treatment120 mins

Recommend for woman starting from age of 25 years. With the help of collagen, the process that take place in the skin is stimulated, struggle with premature ageing of the skin and strongly moisten it.

Sillicium Super-Lift Treatment120 mins

With Marine Sillicium Complex, the treatment will smooth, fill the wrinkles and lift slack skin area. Your face will look younger from the very first treatment.

Hyaluronic Treatment120 mins

with Hyaluronic Acid which helps renew the cells, improve the microcirculation and intensively moisten the skins. It also helps to increase the elasticity and resiliency of the skin.


Papillon Blu Signature Massage60 mins

Indulge your mind, body and soul with our own signature massage for a warm and relaxing sensations. Your skin becomes moistened, supple, energised and totally ready for your next activity.

Classic Wrap120 mins

This treatment consists of an exfoliation treatment using peppermint and lemon extracts to cleanse all the dead skin. Continued with aromatic massage using rice extract and natural sandalwood and rose extracts, followed by application of a specific aromatic mask.

Relax Aroma Wrap120 mins

This treatment consists of an exfoliation treatment using orange peel and fruit seeds extracts combine with yang-ylang and tonk a bean. Continued with aromatic deep stroke massage using Decleor signature Aromessence of lavender and sandalwood oil, followed by application of a specific aromatic mask. Then the body is enveloped in a heated blanket for a a great warm sensation.

Perfect Slim Effect Aroma Wrap120 mins

Specific treatment that provides you not only a relaxing effect, but also firming effect. A combination of exfoliation with aromatic massage with Decleor signature Aromessance of Rosemary, Geranium and Elemi Oil, followed by application of specific perfect slim mask from ginger, pepper, caffeine and hibiscus extracts in order to bring perfected Slim Effect to the body.

Milk & Honey Wrap60 mins

Using the great benefit of milk as a source of lactic acid which naturally eats away dead skin cells, this body treatment helps to nourish, moisten and hydrate the skin, gives you a glowing skin with agile and youthful body.

Chocolate Almond Wrap60 mins

Take advantage from the great benefit we can get from chocolate and almond, these two ingredients naturally helps detoxification process in the same time delaying aging process. Start the treatment with our signature massage, continue with chocolate exfoliation, then wrap up in a special chocolate almond mask with thermal blanket.

Traditional Boreh Wrap60 mins

Focus on the use of traditional spices such as ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon and clover, this remedies gives a warming and relaxing effect. This sensation increasing blood circulation and reduce fatigue. 

Traditional Ratus30 mins

Experience the royal Javanese ritual, focus specifically at vaginal area. This traditional treatment that uses mix of traditional ratus herbs is known for its benefit to cleanse genital area, remove unpleasant odors. 

Exfoliates & Body Mask60 mins

A combination treatment designed for those who is not a fan of massage yet prefer to maintain their skin healthy and radiant.




Anti-Fatigue Eyes Treatment30 mins

Special treatment for the fatigue eyes with Pure Collagen and Lifting Concentrate to puff up wrinkles and fine lines. It will also rejuvenate and hydrate the eye contour area, reducing dark circle in the same time.


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”Hand and Leg” price=”45 mins”]Enjoy our hand and leg relaxing treatments, focusing on massage and pressure at reflexology points leaving your hand and leg fully restored.


Special treatment using beeswax. Then followed with after wax lotion to make our skin moistened and clean.



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Manual Lifting in 3 Steps90 mins

Suitable for mature skin which needs to be lifted, this treatment focused on wrinkle spots in the forehead, eyes, smiling line, chin and neck. Deep wrinkles could slowly faded and the skin appeared younger.

RF Face

Advance treatment with the help of RF wave specifically for matured skin focused on lifting and tightening skin texture due to lack of collagen an elastin productivity.

RF Body

Advance treatment for all skin focused on fat burning as well as lessen cellulite and stretch mark.