Polynesia Spa Ritual Products

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Quick highlight of our POLYNESIA SPA RITUAL products that are heavily inspired from the Polynesia island’s natural ingredients.

EXOTIC ISLAND BODY SCRUB is a body scrub with Bora Bora sand, sea salt and coconut shell effectively exfoliate and nourish your skin. This exceptional product also enriched with ingredients such as jojoba oil that is known to help to keep our skin smooth, supple and moisturised. It also fragranced with Tahitian vanilla extracts, gives you a quick sensory escape to the Polynesia Island.

A perfect complement to Exotic Island Body Scrub; THALGO POLYNESIA SACRED OIL is a scented dry oil aim to nourish and moisturise the skin, without any oily residue yet leaving the skin supple with a slightly (pearly) golden finish on the skin.

More information of the exotic Polynesia Spa Products, call our staff for free product consultation.

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